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Dolores Fawkes and Dieter Kretschy are the creators and directors of Vintage Vibe Markets. 

After more than 30 years on the art show circuit, Dolores decided to start a market of her own.  As a silversmith, ceramic artist, and former gallery owner, she loved handcrafted goods. Her partner and husband Dieter had not only been instrumental in helping Dolores on the circuit, but was formerly the CEO for the Atlanta Dogwood Festival in Atlanta, GA. They believed that this experience gave them a unique perspective. Dieter had the logistics and operations in his background, and Dolores knew the needs of the vendors and how important marketing is to make a show successful for everyone.

In the end, though, it was her rural upbringing and love of family traditions and heirlooms that inspired Dolores to start a VINTAGE market.  Dieter agreed, as he came from a European background, having immigrated from Austria. He was raised with traditional values and a belief in the importance of things handed down from family. He also has a background in recycling and is a huge proponent of “recycle, upcycle, and urban cycle”. Their home is an eclectic combination of upcycled furniture, art, and traditional antiques that were handed down for generations.

We would love to have you join us in making Vintage Vibe Markets a unique experience. Let us teach our children the importance of history and heritage as we bring the beauty of the past into the present…

Our Team

Mount Rushmore Couple - Copy (2).jpg

Dieter and Dolores


Kevin Kretschy- operations

Anna - Copy.jpg

Anna Fawkes- Social media director

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