Welcome to the new vendor page for Vintage Vibe Markets.

First, we want to thank those vendors who exhibited with us in 2022. You helped make it a very good year. To that end, we are now preparing for an even stronger 2023. We will be adding a fall event in OAKS, PA..

To all vendors:

Thank you for your interest in our markets. On this page you will find information on event requirement and costs. If you don’t find answers to your questions here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to accommodate special requests.

APPLICATIONS: Applications are reviewed as they come in. Booth presentation is important and booth images are REQUIRED.  Vintage Vibe Markets is not a flea market.  We expect all booths to have a “boutique” style, with a vintage feel. You are responsible for all set up material. No tables, chairs, or pipe and drape are supplied. You are not allowed to drill or nail into the walls of the barns. We look for vendors that have carefully styled and creative displays. Acceptance is determined by quality, style, and professionalism. Tables must be covered to the floor.  We are not a flea market. Attractiveness of your display will play a large part in acceptance. We reserve the right to decline any application that does not fit these requirements.

CATEGORIES: Antiques and collectables, Handmade fine crafts, Vintage and handcrafted jewelry and clothing, upcycled and salvage items, Vintage inspired home goods, garden and outdoor, bakery and small batch prepared foods.

We will limit the number of booths in categories to insure an interesting show for our shoppers and a lucrative show for our vendors.

Not Accepted: MLM products, professional Service Companies.





Vendors will be exhibiting in one of three buildings. Booth space sizes that are available:

10' x 12'     $225

10' x 20'     $450     

10' x 30'     $675

10' x 40'     $900

end caps are available, but limited in quantity.

10' x 20' end cap $ 500;  -  20' x 20' end cap $1000

Electricity is free. There is NO WIFI.

Since vendors will be allowed to drive into two of the buildings, you will receive an email requesting a time you wish to set for arriving to set up your booth.

RV Camping is available: $ 50 per day; water and electricity; NO dumping. All RVs must leave the fairgrounds Saturday evening.




Most pole barns have saw dust where the vendors set up. If you require a paved surface for your booth space, that option is available; please see the application form to select that option.        

Barns 29,30,35,36 spaces are 10' x 14'. Prices below.                   

        10' x 14'      $350                     

        10' x 28'      $700

        10' x 42'      $1,050

 For those vendors needing paved spaces, they will be available in Barn 37 and 38. End caps are available in these barns. Paced booth prices and sizes are:

         10' x 12'      $ 350

         10' x 24'      $ 700

         10' x 36'      $ 1,050


         10' x 20'   6 available     $ 800

         20' x 20'   6 available     $ 1,600       


You can request a specific barn. Availability is based on first come first served. You can also request the same space you had in 2022. That option is on the application.


We will have grass areas available for “outdoor” tent displays. Booth sizes start at 10' x 12'. The booth fee is $325 per 120' sq space. There will be no electricity available. All outside spaces by request only.

Electricity availability is not yet known. There is NO WIFI.


CAMPING FOR RV: Camping includes water and electricity hook up but no dumping. All camping ends on Sunday at 8:00pm

Rhinebeck, NY $35 per night prepaid, $50 onsite; see camping link for Rhinebeck below.




Vendors will be able to drive into the hall to set up.

10' x 12'     $ 250

10' x 20'     $ 500     

10' x 30'     $ 750

10' x 40'     $ 1,000

end caps are available, but limited in quantity.

10' x 20' end cap $ 600;  -  20' x 20' end cap $1200

Electricity is $35 . There is WIFI: FREE.

RV Parking: on site parking is available; dry camping only. Please send request via email to us and we will hold a place.



All booth spaces will require a non-refundable deposit ( $100) within 10 days of acceptance. If you fail to pay your deposit, you could be moved to the waitlist and another vendor will be accepted in your place. The deposit will be deducted from your booth fee. You will be given a "deposit code" when paying for your booth spaces. All booth fees are due 45 days before the event. If you require special payment arrangements, please contact us.


You will receive an email two weeks before the show with  set up information. Exact booth placements won't be available until check in when you arrive.


All booths must be set up by Thursday eve 8pm. Vendors can start Friday 8 am to adjust displays for show opening 10 am Friday. No tent tops are allowed inside due to fire regulations. All booths must be removed by Saturday eve, 8 pm.


All booths will be set up on Friday before the show. (Two- day set up in Rhinebeck is available with prior approval.Please see application form.) No booth set up allowed on Saturday. No tent tops are allowed inside due to fire regulations. All booths must be removed by Sunday night, 8pm, unless arrangements have been made, prior to the show, with our director of operations.


All booths will be set up Thursday November 9. No tent tops are allowed inside due to fire laws. All vendors will be able to drive in. A set up time schedule request will go out via email two weeks prior to the event.


Stay tuned to see about hotel opportunities.


We provide free vendor parking at all shows. There is ample parking for trailers.

           To join us at either one of our markets

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